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Honors U.S. History

Welcome to Honors US History.  The goal of the class is to pass the Florida US History EOC.  The EOC is 30% of your grade. We will cover The Civil War 1861- the modern era.?

Best strategy to pass the EOC US History and the class:

1.  Fill in your guided notes packets.  Complete the practice questions at the end of each of chapter guided notes packets and at the end of each chapter in your textbook.  All the questions are multiple choice.  

2.  Study for your chapter tests by reading your guided notes packet

3.  Each  chapter test is between 30-50 questions, depending on the length of the chapter all multiple choice.  The questions are prepared to mimic the EOC type questions that you will encounter on the exam.  The exam is given in May.  

4.  On the day of each chapter test, I will collect your guided notes for a grade.

5.  You  will have a FINAL EXAM.  The final is given at the end of April.  The results of the final will be your best indicator as to how you will do on the EOC.

The types of MCQ are - general knowledge, compare and contrast, cause and effect and continuity and change.  Many questions will consist of a stimulus- graph, chart, cartoon, reading etc.

In 2018-19, the entire junior class took the US History EOC and 100% passed the test.  60% scored a 5, 27% scored a 4 and 13% scored a 3

Don't be the only student who does not pass.  We can achieve 100% passing again.  

Its your Manifest Destiny
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