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Summer Readings for AP Gov Documents, Sup Ct. cases and APUSH

These readings are required by College Board and several will be on the exam.  Watch the videos for Supreme Court Cases and AP Gov Founding Documents and  answer the questions for each case and founding docs. APUSH is at the bottom of this page.

AP Gov Supreme Court Cases

Supreme Court Cases Summaries and Questions

You are required to know 15 Supreme Court cases.  In the list below are video summaries of the cases. Watch the videos, read the summaries, and answer the questions on the right side of this page.  

All work must be hand written and turned in to me by the end of the first week of school.

 Marco Learning

REQUIRED  ASSIGNMENT Supreme Court Cases Questions

Download and fill in the Supreme Court Breakdown doc
CLICK on the case name to watch a video that reviews the facts, holding, and constitutional principles of each case. Make sure to read the Marco Learning Landmark US Supreme Court Cases summary
court cases.jpg
Incompatible Congress.jpg

AP Gov Foundational Documents Readings/ Assignments

You are required to know 9 founding documents.  In the file below are summaries of the documents from Marco Learning and StuDocu. Either summary is good.  Watch the videos, read the summaries, and answer the questions on the right.
Marco Learning Doc Summaries
file art.png
StuDocu Doc Summaries

AP US History Summer Reading

Spiderman FF5 2 copy.jpg
Complete the Guided Notes Chpt 1 and 2 using the AMSCO textbook UNITED STATES HISTORY.  Read, fill the notes and answer all the questions.

I recommend AMSCO Textbook 2018 edition.
Fill in the Guided Notes Chpt. 1 and 2

APUSH Txt Bk 2018.jpg
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